High Five for Friday: May 25


Inspired by Brandie at Running on Words and Wine and Kim at Kimberlyfaye Reads,I've created my own Friday post!

1. New Books this Week 

Got these two from NetGalley this week! 

2. Books I've Been Loving this Week
 Finished these two ARC's this week! All We Ever Wanted was so good I finished it within 24 hours! A great read. The Art of French Kissing was a delightful foodie YA read. I definitely recommend both books :)

3. When I Wasn't Reading

 Monday was another Yoga + Wine class! Now that the weather is nice, they've been holding class outside and it's just so wonderful and relaxing. It's great to enjoy some girl time, have a glass of delicious wine, and a "just what you need after a stressful Monday" yoga flow class! This week my friends Debbie and Mel came with me!!

4. My Cute Pups

Elway's first birthday was last Thursday (May 17th)! Can't believe he's a year old already. He's grown so much! Since I had to work on Saturday morning we took them on their weekly coffee shop walk on Friday evening to celebrate his birthday! Here they are waiting for their treat. Elway is on the left, Peyton on the right. Love these pups :)

5. Weekend Plans

I'm so happy it's a three day weekend!! Last weekend I had to work on Saturday so it was just a one day weekend and that just didn't cut it. It should be a fun weekend! The winery Isaac and I are wine club  members of just opened a new tasting room at one of their  locations, and the Grand Opening is this weekend! So we will be going out there with some friends, enjoying some wine, yummy food, and probably a few rounds of corn hole! Our anniversary is Monday (12 years!) so I'm sure we'll go out to dinner or something. No big out of town plans or anything, since we went to the beach last month.  It will be a relaxing weekend at home with the fur kids :)

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!! Have a great weekend! 


  1. 12 years! That's fantastic! Happy Anniversary!!! The winery sounds like such a fun time. Happy birthday to Elway!!

  2. I think I could get behind some yoga if wine were involved, but it is way too hot in Texas to do it outside!


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