Review: Dear Edward

45294613Dear Edward

I've heard nothing but amazing things about this book. I decided to read it during the COVID 19 quarantine because 1) my bestie also wanted to read it, so we read it together, and 2) what better time to read a book about a plane crash than during a time when you can't travel? But seriously, this book was absolutely amazing. The book alternates between the stories of some of the individual passengers during that fateful flight and Edward's life in the months and years following the crash. This allows you to connect to the other passengers on the plane and see how they impact Edward's life after the crash. The alternating timeline was brilliantly written and made the book what it was. It would not have had the same impact had it been written chronologically.

I absolutely loved Edward. The author handled serious subjects like mental health and PTSD beautifully. I loved watching Edward grow, change, learn, and adapt to his life after the crash.The book gave me all the feels and there were so many passages I had to stop and read again.  My favorite passage of the book was this:

"The man says, 'What happened is baked into your bones, Edward. It lives under your skin. It's not going way. It's part of you and will be part of you every moment until you die.What you've been working on, since the first time I met you, is learning to live with that.'"

This is absolutely going to be one of my favorite books of the year, along with Oona out of Order.  An absolute must read! I literally gave the book a hug when I finished reading it. You won't be disappointed!