About Me

Thank you for reading my blog! My name is Lori, and ever since I can remember, I've loved reading and anything to do with books. I was fortunate to have parents who read to me, took me to the library, and encouraged reading and learning. My favorite genres include contemporary fiction, women's fiction, historical fiction,  psychological thriller/suspense, travel, and books related to the study of psychology.

I've been married to my wonderful husband since 2006 and live in Oregon with our three kitties and two black labs (Peyton and Elway, in the above picture)!  I have a Master's degree in Health Education and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and work in the field of higher education.  In addition to reading, I love dancing, yoga, cooking, watching football and ice hockey,  drinking a good cup of coffee or glass of wine, and relaxing at home with my husband and fur babies.

"Let us read and let us dance--two amusements that will never do any harm to the world." -Voltaire

Doing yoga in Kona, Hawaii May 2016



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